100% produced & bottled in Japan
Fu-Ki Cherry

Fu-Ki Cherry


About Fu-Ki Cherry

Fu-Ki Cherry has a deep red color and aromas of nuts and cherry. It has intense, yet delicate flavors of wild, dark Cherry.

Its taste is light, clean, and it is low in alcohol.

Enjoy well chilled, straight up or in cocktails of your own creation….or ours!

Fu-Ki Cherry can be enjoyed straight or chilled, or as part of elegant, contemporary cocktails.

Fu-Ki Cherry Profile

Product Character: Fu-Ki Cherry’s character can be defined by its strong cherry fragrance, rich and thick, but at the same time gentle body, and its complex nutty flavor.

Fu-Ki Cherry Profile Chart

How To Drink Fu-Ki Cherry

Best way to drink: Fu-Ki Cherry is best served chilled, or in a rocks glass with crushed ice.

Food matching: Because of its sweet character, Fu-Ki Cherry works well as an apertif or dessert wine. However, it also balances nicely with rich foods such as Chinese food.

The Fu-Ki Experience

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