100% produced & bottled in Japan
Fu-Ki Green Tea

Fu-Ki Green Tea


About Fu-Ki Green Tea

Fu-Ki Green Tea is made with carefully selected tea leaves, chosen for their size, color, luster, aroma, and sweet flavor. The green tea from these leaves is mixed with a delicate, light grape wine, resulting in a taste that is elegant and exquisite.

Fu-Ki Green Tea Profile

Product Character:
Fu-Ki Green Tea’s character is notable for its mellow taste and well balanced acidity. It has a rich fragrance, even with ice.

Alc. by Vol: 9%

How To Drink Fu-Ki Green Tea

Best way to drink: Fu-Ki Green Tea is best served chilled or with crushed ice. It is also good mixed half and half with fruit juice, or in a variety of cocktails.

Food matching: Fu-Ki Green Tea is good as an apertif or desert wine. However, it is good with rich foods such as Chinese food.

The Fu-Ki Experience

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