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The Sake Story

Sake Ingredients

Not all rice is the same

Rice (米)

Sake is brewed using a special type of rice, called shuzo kotekimai (sake rice). The grain is larger, stronger and contains less protein and lipid than regular rice.

Rice is polished to remove bran and get to the starch, called shinpaku.

There are at least 80 types of sake rice in Japan.

Fu-Ki uses a smooth, clean, dry and slightly fragrant variety of rice and polishes it by removing the husk and outer layers for the smoothest result.

The purest water gives Sake its clean, pure taste

Water (水)

Clean water is extremely important for good tasting, high quality sake.

Water is inspected for concentrations of chemical substance. Either groundwater or well water is generally used.

Fu-Ki Sake is brewed with famed mineral-rich water, regarded as the purest available.

The enzymes in Koji are the activators of fermentation

Koji (麹)

Koji adds the enzyme that is essential to break down the starch in rice so that it can be fermented (no koji, no sake!)

Koji is cultivated in a special room called the koji muro.

Using the perfect rice koji to activate the fermenting of rice for sake is as precious and carefully guarded by sake brewers as maintaining the yeast is to whiskey makers, who are known to keep a batch for years.

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